comfort & joy

The holiday season can feel so full.  We have massive to do lists, parties to plan, presents to buy, expectations to live up to.  It’s an easy time to feel overwhelmed.  Feeling overwhelmed is a choice though, so to avoid it, you have to make decisions about what you want on your plate and what you will let go of.  ‘Tis the season for good boundaries.  I want to go a step further though, I want to enJOY this season.  Give yourself those tidings of comfort and joy.  There’s plenty of opportunities for both.


  • If you’re so lucky as to have a fireplace, curl up in front of it with a book (If you have one, let me know, I’m looking to borrow one).
  • Just serve hors d’oeuvres at the party.  Shrimp cocktail, cheese and crackers, and fruit make a delicious meal!
  • It’s okay to allow yourself to eat your favorite cookies.  You don’t have to eat the whole tin to enjoy the treat.
  • Call up an old friend.
  • Watch a sappy Hallmark Christmas movie.
  • Hug as many people as you can.


  • Don’t get too hung up on judging the end result of your efforts.  Have fun decorating your Christmas tree, it doesn’t have to compete for best Christmas decor.  
  • Sing Christmas carols when the feeling hits you.
  • Buy yourself those amazing winter boots that just happen to be on sale in just your size.  
  • Go for a hike.
  • Give an unexpected gift to someone.

This is a short list really.  What brings you comfort and joy this season?